Trending Contemporary White Bathroom Design Ideas 03

Trending Contemporary White Bathroom Design Ideas

White bathroom vanities go with almost anything. It’s great if you like to redecorate a lot. It means that you can just bring in new towels and bath accessories to get an entire new color palette in your room.

Plus, you already have a lot of different white materials in your bathroom so it will fit right in. Here are a few tips for making a white bathroom vanity look antique or work with a lot of different design styles.

Go modern or contemporary. This is perfect if your existing bathroom vanity has plain doors or very straight lines. It’s a very sleek look and it can be gender neutral. You can even use it in a teen’s bathroom. In this case you want to paint the vanity a bright glossy white. Then you can add in stainless steel handles. The focus should be on the color and material of the piece instead of a lot of detail work.

Give it a little something special. You can do this by investing in a high end granite countertop or going with a beautiful vessel sink. You can even just change up your hardware. When you use a very neutral or plain color you need to make sure that your piece still has character so it just doesn’t look like it came straight from a factory. Another place where white bathroom vanities really shine is in antique or vintage design. This can make your house have a sense of history even if it was just built last week. You can paint your vanity white yourself. This can really give outdated materials a quick inexpensive makeover. You can then glaze the vanity. It will look a lot fresher than your old vanity and at the same time still have character.

You can also work with this kind of vanity in a traditional or vintage design. It’s right at home with a black and white checked floor. This allows you to reuse your existing vanity with just a little bit of paint. Then you can focus your budget on any items that absolutely need to be replaced. The vanity doesn’t have to be the star of the room. In fact, when you make it blend in with your walls it might make your room feel bigger. Whatever design style you choose the key is to focus on the lines. For a contemporary style this means that you go with very straight lines. This is really what will differentiate your white bathroom vanity from all the other ones out there. It allows you to work this piece into the existing theme of your room.

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