Inspiring Vase Decorating Ideas Easy To Copy 09

Inspiring Vase Decorating Ideas Easy To Copy

Perhaps one of the most interesting types of vase to decorate is the glass vase. Since it’s transparent, all you have to do is to think of something beautiful and artsy to put inside of it.

Flowers are not the only things you can put inside a vase. Depending on the season, you can fill it with whatever ornamental element you want as long as it can give you the result that you desire.

Glass vases can work perfectly as bathroom accessories. If you have a large one, you can use it to hold bathroom accessories such as cotton balls or soap. You can even use it as container for bath oil. On the other hand, use tall, narrow vases to hold tissue paper and other lengthy items such as toothbrushes or razors.

To achieve a romantic look, use it as a holder for floating scented candles. Fill it with water and let the candles float inside the glass along with rose petals. You can also base some decorative ideas on seasons and occasions. Or, you can simply turn your glass vase into a habitat for a colorful fish. Filling a glass vase with colorful stones and marbles is also a good way to make use of it. Wherever you place them, whether in the toilet or the top of the shelf in the living room, they can really make good decorations. If you desire in giving one as a gift or a souvenir, try filling one with potpourri. The odd ornamental items can give the vase a unique and elegant look.

You certainly won’t have to spend much when decorating these vases. Ornamental elements such as twigs, ferns, feathers, and other outdoor finds will work well as an interesting and unique accompaniment for a transparent vase. On the other hand, you can also fill it with colored water if you wish to make a certain room more colorful. The good thing about glass vases is that you can use them in any occasion. Simply by filling one with any item you want, you can come up with a unique idea right away. Furthermore, they are really pleasing to the eye, so no matter how you decorate them, they will always look elegant.

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