Beautiful Floral Roman Shades To Beautify Your Home 09

Beautiful Floral Roman Shades To Beautify Your Home

Yes, it’s possible: choose a suitable floral fabric for your new window roman shades, and your favorite atmosphere will be with you all around the year.

Fabric floral pattern have so many styles and forms, there is easy to find something you like or something that fits you interior decoration. Some people like realistic floral pattern, others prefer more decorative pattern. You can choose floral ornament in toile, ikat, paisley, jacquard styles, or fabric with geometric, ethnic, watercolor and many other types of floral motives. It depends only on your taste and preferences.

So, what style of floral roman shades will be the best for your interior and for you, of course? Before answer this question, look not only at your windows, but at the entire room.

Quiet, energetic, cozy? Feeling of spring morning, of a warm summer day? Maybe the illusion of an exotic tropical garden, or of a cool sea breeze? When you decide about the room atmosphere, it will be easier for you to define the color scheme and the type of floral ornament for your window shades. Romantic, retro, classic, oriental, contemporary? The hint: it depends on the mood that you decide to create in the room. For example, if you like to live in exotic tropical garden, you may choose an exotic or oriental style and select floral roman shades with Hawaiian motives, or with decorative oriental patterns. You can also mix different styles and motives if you like mix-and-match style.

Choose your floral pattern accordingly. In the living room it can be more elegant, in the bedroom – more informal. For baby’s room you can select fabric with small decorative elements, like stylized flowers, stripes, dots and themed motives in soft pastel, or bright colors. If the room is not very large, don’t choose big-size floral patterns, – it will look overwhelming in the tiny room. Go to small-size ornament instead. If you still prefer big flowers – select the fabric with larger spaces around motives, it will give your eyes a feeling of lightness. If the room is light and sunny, you can choose a fabric with dark colors to block extra amount of light. But if the room is dark, you would better go to a light, maybe pastel or natural colored fabric with delicate floral patterns. You can match your floral roman shades to other décor in the room. For example, your window shades can reflect the ornament of your wallpapers, rug, or wall décor. You can buy or make decorative pillows from the same fabric, or with similar motives.

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