The Best Outdoor Pallet Furniture Design Ideas 26

41 The Best Outdoor Pallet Furniture Design Ideas

Today pallets are used for a wide variety of things, and shipping is not something that most people will ever do with a pallet on their own. Many are using second hand pallets, those that have already been used for shipping purposes, to build different furnishings.

In many cases, the pallets can be turned into outdoor furniture as the wood slats make a great foundation for a lot of different informal furniture. Pallets are not just used to make outdoor furniture; some people are even making indoor furniture with it.

Side tables, platform beds and even coffee tables are being made from pallets. When coupled with other pallets or modified just a bit and then stained or painted, pallets are no longer something simple and unattractive; instead they can be simple yet beautiful furniture for the indoors or outdoors.

Furniture is not where unconventional use for pallets stops. Many people are people using pallets for gardens. Instead of having to weed a garden and space all of the plants apart just so, the pallets are used as freestanding gardens.

The idea is to fill the empty spaces with soil and then plant in those areas The slats keep the plants spaced just so, and it’s nice because there is not nearly as much weeding or overcrowding to worry about.

And even better, when the harvest season is over, there is no need to tear up large portions of the garden and work really hard to do so, rather, one can just pick up the entire pallet and throw it away. Or, they can clean out just the bit of soil that is in the spaces and store the pallets for the next year.

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